Marvin Finfrock III

Very reliable, very easy to work on

For our farming operation, the large capacity Balzer auger carts have seemed to fit. We started with the company back in 2006; at that time I was still in high school and dad was taking on the farming operation by himself - my grandfather was retiring - and we needed large capacity to cope with the acres that we were farming. Help is such an issue and when you can have one cart to take care of two combines instead of having two carts for two combines, it has been a huge efficiency booster on the farm. You can put 2,000 bushel on the back of this thing and run 18-20 mph across the field and it doesn’t shake your teeth out in the tractor. It absolutely floats right behind you. The suspension system is absolutely phenomenal. It’s the simplest drive design I’ve seen on any of the carts. Very reliable, very easy to work on.

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