Balzer is the leader in Large Capacity Grain Carts with the Field Floater 6. These carts offer the most efficient performance during harvest time. These grain carts are available in sizes 1,450, 1,700 and 2,200 bushels.

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Visit your local Balzer dealer or contact Balzer at 1.800.795.8551 for a complete list of available features and options.
  • The 2015 Field Floater 6 is bigger and better than ever, ranging in sizes from 1,450 up to 2,200 bushels.  
  • It also features a new and improved electronic scale system for the most accurate weight measurement.  

Balzer was the first to market about 15 years ago with large capacity grain carts, now carrying loads up to 2,200 bushels, more than enough to fill two semis at one time!  Today, the Field Floater 6 grain cart from Balzer features enormous capacities and is capable of extremely fast unload rates, up to 1,090 bushels per minute.   Each size comes standard with a 24" diameter unload auger system, including the patented hydraulic engagement clutch system on the horizontal auger.  They also come standard with an independent running gear and an independent axle arrangement which utilizes the patented Auto-Trail steerable axle system.  These unique features make an intense load feel light and allow optimal manuverability.

Balzer's bi-directional unload auger spout adjusts in any direction for superior accuracy.  All of the functions of the Field Floater 6 can be controlled at one central location with the joy stick control.  And a state-of-the-art electronic scale system provides accurate data management.

For a full description of specifications and other features, please view the Field Floater 6 brochure or contact Balzer at 1.800.795.8551. 


  • Patented Auto-Trail steerable axle system (rear wheels on tandem; front and rear on tridem models; rear tracks on track system)
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Patented hydraulic clutch engagement/disengagement mechanism for horizontal feeder auger
  • Bi-Directional unload auger spout
  • Joystick control
  • Electronic scale system
  • 24" vertical auger and 20" horizontal feeder auger
  • Hydraulic operated grain shut off doors
  • Poly Bushings on all pivot points for low maintenance
  • Halogen lights on discharge auger and grain tank
  • Highway LED light/turn signal package
  • Automatic drive chain oiler
  • Low profile extension height
  • 169" discharge height on 30.5 x 32
  • Bull Pull Hitch with 2 Inch insert
  • 5" & 6" solid spindle/hub configurations
  • 10 gauge steel tank construction
  • Hydraulic two wheel brake system (wheel units only)
  • Four horizontal feeder auger clean out doors


  • Moisture sensor
  • Roll tarp
  • Hydraulically operated clean out doors