Balzer Vacuum Tanks are available in 4,300 gallons up to 9,500 gallons and are constructed of 1/4 inch mild steel. All seams are submerged-arc welded.

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Configure Vacuum Tanks
Visit your local Balzer dealer or contact Balzer at 1.800.795.8551 for a complete list of available features and options.

The Balzer Vacuum Tanks are manufactured in the U.S.A., using today's latest technologies to create a product with superior quality.  These tanks come standard with fully independent running gear for mounting the tank and injectors.  Balzer offers a wide variety of features and options to meet your needs.  For a complete listing of all options, contact your local Balzer dealer or a Balzer representative at 1.800.795.8551.  

Standard Features:

  • Fully independent running gear for mounting tank and injectors
  • Independent Axles
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Ring type baffle system
  • 5 or 6 inch Ultra solid spindle and hub up to 25,000 lbs.
  • MEC 6500 vacuum pump (4,300 - 5,500 gallons) and MEC 8000 vacuum pump (6,000 - 6,800 gallons) and Jurop R260 vacuum pump (7,350 - 9,500 gallons)
  • 1000 R.P.M. PTO (1 3/8 inch) or 540 R.P.M. PTO
  • 6 inch brass hydro pneumatic actuated discharge valve
  • 6 inch side load port with manual brass valve
  • Spray deflector
  • 16 foot long suction hose assembly (6 inch diameter)
  • Front mounted load level indicator 
  • Pressure/vacuum gauge and pressure relief
  • 26 inch top hatch
  • Full 1/4 inch steel tank
  • Tractor actuated hydraulic disc brakes on two wheels with spring return
  • Auto-Trail Steerable Axle System on rear axle with tractor actuated hydraulic lock-outs
  • ASAE approved safety chain
  • 2 inch Bull Pull hitch
  • LED light kit with 7 pin connector
  • Down pressure block