Corn Shredder

Today's corn stalks are tough. Your Corn Shredder needs to be tougher. Balzer Corn Shredders are engineered to be rugged and durable to get the job done.
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  • Designed for corn and grass residue with an aerodynamic hood to increase chopping without requiring extra power or fuel
  • Available in End Drive, Center Drive, Windrow, BT Corn End Drive configurations
  • Constant velocity PTO allows for tight turns without drive shaft chatter
  • Adjustable spring loaded belt idler
  • 200 horsepower gearbox with end shafts that are hardened and splined for less wear and maintenance
  • External grease bank allows bearings to be greased without having to remove any shields
  • Heavy duty u-joints reduce drive shaft misalignment
  • Re-cutter bar uses vacuum action to pull stalks up into the machine to be cut again by bar for maximum shredding efficiency
  • Knives are heat treated for durability and extra strength
  • Skid plate prevents machine from bottoming out and keep knives and rotor out of the elements

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