Abe Balzer founded Balzer, Inc. in Mountain Lake, Minnesota during the late 1940’s. Being a farmer himself, he intimately understood the needs and challenges of farmers. He had an engineering mind and mechanical know-how which allowed him to build some of the industry’s most innovative products.

Perhaps Abe’s greatest gift was his ability to recognize that great people make great companies. During the 1970s, Abe stated that a manufacturing company must have personnel, a product, capital and time. He went on to say, “People, of course, are the most important.” Abe had a strong desire to build high quality equipment for producers that would increase their productivity. This desire has remained throughout Balzer’s history and is the company’s foundation for success.

People, of course, are the most important.

In 1976, Balzer was purchased by an investor group from nearby Mankato, MN.  Balzer was then sold to a few management employees with a total of over 60 years experience in the industry in 1995.  Today, Balzer remains a privately held corporation and has expanded its facilities and workforce to meet the growing demands of the market.  

Through the years, Balzer has become much more focused.  Balzer has claimed its position in niche markets where they offer innovative products that help producers increase profitability.  Balzer remains a hometown employer whose people take pride in the work they do.  Balzer has made a commitment to help producers be good stewards for agricultural environments.  Balzer products are sold through a nationwide dealer network assisted by qualified, factory trained Balzer sales and service representatives.  The company continues to expand and develop its overseas markets that now include but are not limited to Australia, Canada, Europe, Kazakhstan, Japan, Russia, South America and the Ukraine.    

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